Let’s Start a Blog


Once upon a time, in an entirely different life, I was a performer.  I was a dancer, a singer, and an all around entertainer.  It was what defined me, what I lived for.  It was my breath and my life, my dreams and my imagination.  I was whole and complete.  Everything was about me.  Then, at the age of only twenty-three, I met and married the man of my dreams. Almost immediately after the honeymoon, we began to have children. I forgot about the performer, and morphed into a wife and mother.  My three children completed me, but also made me sacrifice everything that had defined me for the previous twenty-five years.

As I was raising these three perfect children in the perfect home, my husband’s job took every opportunity to move us all over the country. Therefore, I had to spend so much of my energy concentrating on that.  It wasn’t easy, what with the packing, moving, changing, making new friends, finding new schools, and obtaining new doctors (most especially for my Autistic daughter). All of this while raising not only three children but many dogs, gunia pigs, fish, and even a bird.  As the years have floated by, I have begun to wonder where I fit in this crazy life.  I am an avid gardener, cook, decorator, and self proclaimed “do-it-all” mom.

Now, my children are grown, off at college, and living their own lives. I still have my Autistic daughter living with us, but even she has a life of her own. So, it is high time I focused on myself. Turning fifty has been a big deal to me, something I’ve been talking about not only this year but last year, the year before that, and…you get the picture. I am trying to make changes, but the family doesn’t seem ready.  They depend on my every move.  Hence: the Blog.  I am ready, no, more than ready. I recently enrolled in school for this upcoming fall (big step), I changed my eating habits (really big step), and I started a blog (oh, Lord)!

Which leads me to the revelation. Two days ago, I returned from a family vacation Vegas, where it hit me. I need to do something to motivate myself; I need to do me.  How about a 90 day Blog?’ I thought poolside one sunny afternoon. I have only three months to fifty. While later discussing this idea with my husband at The Cromwell’s new Giada restaurant, I had the great pleasure of meeting the chef herself, Giada de Laurentiis.  Her restaurant was awe-inspiring, as was the pint sized power house herself.  She took the time out of her busy night (while she was making meatballs for her guests) to talk to me about healthy choices and lifestyle changes. She suggested I purchase her seventh cookbook, Giada’s Feel Good Food.  We bought it, she signed it, and it sparked another idea, almost identical to the first.

The blog is still happening (wasn’t that obvious?), and I am still three months from the big birthday. But now, I will be spending the three months not only blogging and centering myself, but I will also be cooking a different recipe every day from her book. I already read the book cover to cover while on the flight back to Washington, DC, and I decided to utilize it all.  Follow along every day as I cook (albeit not as well as Giada), yoga (heaven help me!), clean, and work my way to a fabulous fifty!



  1. You are an amazing woman, mother and wife. Your family is very lucky to have a rock like you at home to be the glue to the family. You have done a wonderful job raising 3 amazing kids who you have givin the tools to do that they can be successful in life in love and work. I can’t wait to read your blog posts to even try to better my life for my family!! Hope to see you guys soon 😃

  2. So proud of you Miss Molly! I am going to join you on this journey and look forward to your posts!! Hugs:)

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