Good Morning!

Today is Sunday. Yes, I know I am following Giada’s new book, and, yes, I know she talks about “lazy sundays,” but I have to work today. I got up and drank my two glasses of lemon  water as she has laid out, but then of course I was onto my coffee!  There was no time for yoga; that will come.  I stayed in bed a tad long this morning because we were woken up in the wee hours of the night with a call from our daughter asking for a ride home from the metro… Ha!  I was not about to let her take a cab at 2:00 am (Daddy to the rescue)!  All you moms with young kids, remember to tell your children as they grow to call you no matter what time it is in the night!  If they need a ride it is better it be you than someone else.  You will find that you’ll still be awake waiting up for them anyway!  That is why there is coffee!

photo (1)

Speaking of coffee, I just love my coffee mugs!  Each day I can choose a new one that inspires me to plug through the day.  Today, I chose the “CREATE” mug because I am working.  For those of you who do not know me, I am a “baby” photographer.  I am lucky enough to take the photos of the infants born at one of our great hospitals here in the DC area.  I love my job, although it can get hectic. I love seeing the happy families and the beautiful babies!  I’m a lucky gal!  So off I go. Thanks to Giada, I am hydrated!!



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