Thoughts on Mornings and on Coffee

I LOVE mornings!  Although, I am not naturally a morning person.  I could stay up all night and sleep until noon; an all natural night owl.  However, over the years, I have trained myself to be the opposite, and so have come to love mornings.  I’m not talking about the work and school mornings where you rush around to get three kiddos on the bus and are still late for work.  This isn’t about the mornings where you have to walk the dog, make lunches, and drive your hubby to the metro all before you put on your makeup and get yourself to work.  I talking about those mornings that you have all to yourself.  Everyone is asleep, you slip out of your bed so your don’t wake up the snorer, and you quietly slink down to your retreat!


Now, if you are following Giada’s Feel Good Food with me, you will see that we should be having our two glasses of lemon water right about now.  That is a very tough thing for this body.  It NEEDS coffee!  It is the kind of caffeine dependent body that needs coffee at least three times a day if it wants to function.  I am not a huge processed food eater,  I down my water all day,  I eat all my fruits and veggies, and  I certainly DO NOT and will not drink soda.  But I refuse to give up my coffee!  I love it.  I love the taste, I love the feel going down, I love the warmth.  It is my true morning pleasure!


While I have been on the  journey through Giada’s book, I have been diligent in drinking the two glasses of water every morning before  I go to work.  However, on this day, this no work, no kid, no hubby day, I will drink my coffee on my porch, listening to my birds!



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