About the Blogger

If you’ve just stumbled upon my humble little blog, you’re probably asking yourself ‘What on earth is this woman babbling on about?’ Well, let me shed a little light for you. My name is Molly, and I will be 50 years old in September. I know…don’t even start. Throughout this life, I have come to recognize and accept the one thing that makes me, well, me: I am complex. I have such a vivacious passion for life and for all the things that make it beautiful. I want to tell you that I’m passionate about design and gardening and food and music and art, but the reality is that I am just so madly in love with life itself.

I am the mother of three adult children who I could tell you are certainly the most lovely people who have ever walked this earth, but isn’t that just part of my job? For the past twenty-five years I have given up my life in order to mold them into the people that they are today, and in the process, I feel as if I have sacrificed too much of myself. So, I am taking myself back! Before I turn fifty, I am going on a journey to discover what sort of woman I have become in the last three decades. I finally have the opportunity to focus on me and to center myself, so that is exactly what I am going to do! Are you ready to take this flight with me?

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