Making Salmon on a Light-Eating Day

It’s dinnertime, and time to pull out Giada’s Feel Good Food. I have chosen to make grilled salmon and pineapple with avocado dressing (pg. 169) and quinoa pilaf (pg. 116). I didn’t want to go with a rice, potato, or starch because, for me, today is all about clean eating. So, quinoa it is!

I had to hit the grocer for the salmon. Pre-cut, skinless filets the same price as the family-sized, skin-on whole fish. So, I decided to take it home and cut it myself. I had to skin the fish, but I was able to make nine filets, which saved me a total of $27. I rinsed the remaining filets in cold water, dried them with paper towels, and put them in the freezer for another night of delicious Giada salmon. Now, I think it’s really important, albeit a bit more expensive, to purchase fish from the US. I myself buy my salmon from the Atlantic coast or from Alaska; I’m not a fan of farm-raised fish. I firmly believe in buying anything and everything American made (when at all possible), and I especially love to have my meat as fresh and local as I can find.

I paired the salmon and quinoa with a tomato, basil, and balsamic salad because I wanted something raw on the plate. I would have added onions, but my daughter, Katie, is adverse to the taste of raw onions. Had she not been here tonight, there would have been onions all over that delicious salad! Nonetheless, it’s going to be a lovely addition to a wonderful meal!

My vegetarian daughter, Karlie, isn’t going to be having the salmon, so we’re grilling her up a veggy burger instead. I have found that it is nearly impossible to find gluten free veggy burgers, so I always make them myself from scratch. However, to our surprise, we finally had success in our quest for pre-made burgers for nights like this. Trader Joe’s, we learned, carries the best frozen veggy burgers in town, Dr. Praeger’s. They, in our opinion, taste so much like falafel, which we love! Definitely worth a try. I’m sure they’ll go very well with the rest of the meal. I can’t wait until it’s time to eat!


Giada’s Salmon with Basil and Chive Tzatziki

Last night, I had such a lovely evening with my family that blogging about our delicious dinner, courtesy of Giada’s Feel Good Food, completely slipped my mind. We enjoyed our supper outside on that beautiful back porch, where we love spending most of our nights. The evening ended viewing photos of the day that I spent at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna with my lovely daughter, Karlie (there she is, below). If you haven’t visited the gardens, it’s something you need, absolutely need, to do…and soon!


We grilled the salmon outside tonight because it’s about that time of year when I just avoid using my oven. It’s so humid here in DC that when it gets hot, it really gets hot. I always do my best to conserve energy in my home; one great way to keep your air conditioner from working so hard this summer is by keeping that oven off as much as possible. So, though the recipe called for a stove-baked salmon, mine made it onto the grill for a delicious smoky taste.


It was the tzatziki, however, that really shined in this dish! We simply couldn’t get enough! I try my best to avoid dairy since I have so many food sensitivities, but I needed to have some of that sauce. It was just tart enough to keep us wanting more, and the flavors blended so well together. You can tell from this one that Giada really knows what she’s doing! I’m growing more and more excited about this new lifestyle with every dish that I create. I can’t wait to see what today brings.